We’ve all had that letter we’ve written, never meaning to send. Maybe we never sent it because we couldn’t bring ourselves to face the recipient. Maybe we never sent it because the recipient was no longer living. Maybe we never sent it because we knew it would not be safe to do so.

But we wrote it anyway, knowing we would never send it.


Because we needed to get the emotion out of us, to say the words, even if they were never shared with anyone else.

Maybe the letter you wrote never actually made it onto paper. Maybe it’s still lingering around in your head, waiting for you to write it.

Do you have something you’ve been longing to say to someone, but you never thought you’d get the chance?

Now is your chance.


We want you to share your “Unsent Letters” with us, and if we use your letter, we will pay you, and you might even get included in a book collection of “Unsent Letters”.


We will update the Unsent Letters Blog regularly with submissions received from people who have chosen to share their Unsent Letters with you. Please leave them comments and let them know how much you enjoyed, learned from, or appreciate their story. The very best of the letters will be shared in the first Unsent Letters printed book collection

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