Words Unspoken, by Linda St.Cyr

Dear Mom,

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and it got me thinking about our relationship over the years. There are so many things we say and don’t say to each other in almost every conversation we have. And we talk everyday so it is weird that there are things we don’t say to each other. We have always had an amazing relationship even when we were at odds when I was a teenager wanting to be a grown up. You always had my best interests at heart. Maybe it is because I am a mother now that I can completely see where you were coming from on those occasions that I heartily disagreed with your judgment. I’m sure my kids are going to disagree with my judgments too already they are starting and they aren’t teenagers yet.

Why is it that there are things we don’t say to each other? Is it because it makes us sound sappy? Is it because we are scared? I know that every day when we talk to each other that we say “I love you” but what else is behind those words?

Normally around Mother’s Day I would seek out a card bearing all the things I wished I could form into words to give you on the day that we honor mothers and when I gave it to you, you would understand and get teary eyed. It kind of became a challenge to find these cards. What would make mom know I cared? Could I find a writer that could show you just how much I didn’t say every day of the year not just on Mother’s Day? Or do you already know about the unspoken things that are wrapped up in the words “I love you”?

I think maybe you do know but it is like a mother secret, something that is only shared among other mothers when their kids look at them and say “I love you”. I know that when my kids say it that behind it there is more than love. There is need, hope, fear, worry, understanding, sympathy and thankfulness.

So mom if you don’t know already:

I love you.

I need you.

I worry about you.

I fear that I will lose you.

I understand what growing up means because of you.

I’m sorry for ever causing you pain or hurt.

I’m a so grateful and thankful that you are my mom. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And have I mentioned I love you?


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4 Responses to “Words Unspoken, by Linda St.Cyr”

  1. This is so much more wonderful than any card you could have found!

  2. Kim says:

    Beautiful Linda!

  3. Marilyn Wong says:

    “I fear that I will lose you”, thank you for saying that. That is the one feeling which I keep being unable to pin-point when I think of all the things which are embodied in the words “I love you Mom”.

  4. Angel says:

    Very sweet and touching letter. I know your mom enjoyed it.

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