Unsent Confessions: Anonymous Unsent Letter

This letter had been in my desk, in my heart for a long time. It was said that it’s better to use intellectuality rather than emotions. Yes, I do admit that. But the thing is, though my numb mind says “never mind” to what I feel for you, My heart screams and butterflies fill my stomach every time you pass by.

I am here to simply say I’ve fallen for you, ever since we first knew each other.

Wow, I can’t believe I am finally saying this…

People know me as someone who wouldn’t even care to look at a guy, but what they don’t know is I’m secretly hiding all these emotions. I’ve liked other guys, and the same as you, no one knew I liked them. Lance, you’ve attracted me with your intelligence, charisma and face. Even though I know you don’t have much of a “gentleman” in you, or that much of a great personality in you, since you’re rude and all, seriously for me, you’re like on of those Asian guys who attracts women by your wits and stand.

Yes, I know you adore me. I am grateful for that.

When we speak to each other, we us the third person, and we go through our conversations with Anne as our barrier, our messenger, even though we’re already face to face.

We are not close. You have lots of girlfriends, and I am not one of them, never have been. Though we know each other, I wonder if you even notice me. When I say things to friends out loud so you might hear me, for even just a while, and glance at me. Do you, ever? I believe it’s a ‘no’, you don’t notice me, not like that. Sure, we’ve caught each other’s eyes many times, but there were no expressions. I didn’t feel anything from you. Yet, my mind says I like you. My body says I am attracted to you. My heart stops and then continues with a faster beating.

It’s a turn of events when you’re around. It seems like my mind got swollen by my heart, and my heart, well, it’s plainly invisible to you.

Wanting a chance to be yours…

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