Dear Goddess, by Gillian Taber (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Goddess,

We’ve been together since I hit my teens and began to realize that men didn’t actually run the universe no matter what the general opinion seemed to be. I thought it was probably about time I said thank you for putting up with me and gently guiding me along the path. With Spring everywhere I look, I think of you in your diaphanous shift of pale green, blossoms in your hair, walking through the quiet places of the world and enjoying the renewal and I smile because you are beautiful to me and beloved. In the Spring I came to you, thirty two years ago, walked across the soft grass of your meadow, unsure of myself, of you and you allowed me to sit with you. You took me in and gave me shelter and I return to you now to tell you that I can never thank you enough for all you have been to me and will always be.

You know me better than I know myself but you have never laid down rules that I must obey, teaching me only that I should live my life in harmony with our world and all those who live there. When I came to you and pleaded to be told what to do, you smiled gently and told me to go find out for myself. Oh there were times, and you know this, that I hated you as I struggled to get through barriers erected by others and those I put in place by myself. Times when I screamed at you to help me, to give me a straight answer but you were stronger than I and always there was the smile and the gentle push back into the world you knew I had to face. (more…)

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To The God of My Misunderstandings, by Cathy Doheny (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

I used to pray to You for wishes, much as a child would make out a list for Santa. “Dear God, please help me pass this test. Please let it not rain tomorrow. Please make him call me.” I was sure to preface the request with “please”, occasionally even “pretty please”. Sometimes it worked, but usually it did not. I must not have prayed hard enough, I thought. Or maybe God doesn’t have time for these petty requests. I’ll save my prayers for the “big stuff”, I decided.As I got older, I only came to You when I really needed divine intervention. “Help the doctors correctly diagnose my medical problems! Let there be enough money to pay the bills this month! Make my husband be faithful to me!” I removed the formality of “please”. Perhaps it had softened my prayers in the past. Maybe You had not taken me seriously, with my soft-voiced requests for wishes. If You only realized how very badly I needed Your help, You would tip the scales in my favor. Still, my prayers usually went unanswered. Did You not hear me? Were You ignoring me? Or was I just not deserving of Your grace?Miracles! You must only respond to requests for miracles, I thought. So, I saved up my prayers for when I really needed You. “I beg You to please save my husband from a cancer diagnosis!” I cried on my knees. You did not respond. “I beg You to make his prognosis better,” I compromised, lying in devastation on my bed. One to three years? That’s it? Obviously, You still had not chosen to honor the pleas of the beggar I had become. (more…)
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Dear Believers, Gillian T. (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Believers,

I would first like to say thank you for your concern for my spiritual wellbeing. It is a sign of your compassionate and loving natures that you constantly attempt to show me the path and to save my soul. However, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to understand that my soul is in fine shape and not in any particular need of saving. I appreciate your attempts to guide me but I actually have a rather wonderful guide who fulfills all my spiritual needs.

I admit to a degree of confusion at these attempts to save my soul. Perhaps it would be of use to you, aid you to waste less of what is a very precious commodity, your time, if I explain a couple of things that you may not have understood or even known. (more…)

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