Practice What You Preach, by Lindsay Maddox (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear God,

No. That’s not right.

Dear Christianity,

Ah, much better.

You see, God and I are cool with each other, so it would be quite unfair to address this letter to Him, when it is, in fact, you that I have issues with. (more…)

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Dear Passover, by Andi Caldwell (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Passover,

I know I’m supposed to be very busy preparing for this holiday, but I’ve had a little setback this year. Usually, at this time, I would be busy shopping and chopping and preparing and cooking and freezing and setting tables and getting out the fancy china and silverware, etc. But since my accident, I am unable to do any of those things.

My children have offered to do the majority of the work, but that is unrealistic. And so I asked myself, what does this holiday really mean to me. Passover has always meant freedom and spring. (more…)

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Memory of a Bible Reading, by Jennifer Wright (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Mom,

Easter is approaching us so quickly, as it does every year. Since this last Christmas, I have been watching the kids with more scrutiny than I normally do. I am seriously starting to regret that we have not gone to church in the last several years. My children are reaping the negative effects of not having God in their life.

I need to say thank you, Mom, for always taking us to church and for always making sure we knew what the holidays were really about.

I will never forget how each year, you would take us out to the garden, Mary and I would sit there in our pretty Easter dresses that you made us and you would read to us about the resurrection of Jesus. (more…)

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Dear Joey, by Carolyn Cordon (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Joey,

Even if your life isn’t wonderful, act like it is.

I that’s what I think Jesus is telling you, but you aren’t listening.

I know things get you down sometimes, but getting up again can’t happen if you only think about the bad stuff. If you try, at least once, to go out, feel the breeze, look at the sky and think, “This is wonderful–the world we’ve been given,” you’ll begin to believe it. (more…)

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Dear Jesus, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Jesus,

I have often wondered if I would have had the courage to stand against the throngs of persecutors calling for your death and say, “He is the savior. He is the son of God. I believe in him.” Would I have dared to be brave or would I have been like Peter denying you to the earthly powers that were back then, out of fear of retaliation?I saw an old movie once about your life and death. On the day of your death, they portrayed you stumbling down the street, your forehead dripping blood into your eyes from the thorny crown you wore. The crowd was jeering, saying, “Crucify him!” But one lone soul offered you water to ease your suffering a little bit while you walked stooped, dragging the heavy cross bar to your own death.If that really happened that way, I would have liked to have been that person who offered you a kindness with no thought for themselves. I would have wanted to show such faith in the face of anger and denial from the masses of people, strength in adversity. I would have loved to have shared with them in that simple gesture, in my actions, what I had learned from you, how I believed, that what you taught on your short stay on earth was the true word, that you had made a difference in my life. You made my life. (more…)
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