I Never Knew, by Michelle L Devon

Dear Ryan,

In this world, I thought I was smart, learned, educated… I had been through hell, been to heaven, and everywhere in between… so much I had experienced, so much I thought I knew.

And then there was you.

I learned from you that as much as I thought I knew, I had only begun to understand and know the world around me. I never knew the sky could be quite so blue or a sunset so beautiful as when I watched it through your eyes, watching me.

I never knew what family really meant. (more…)

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Here I am again, awakening at the dawn of reflection. All I feel is love for you. All I see when I open my eyes is you.

Within my love for you lives sadness, for the pain we are sure to impart on one another is great, and very powerful. Powerfully painful… and powerfully fertile ground for seeds waiting to grow from our dirt.

The essence of all great love stories’ beauty lies in the truth and tragedy of the human condition.

Tragic is the lovers’ undying determinism to hold on tightly to a force much bigger, and more fluid, than what any human can grip in their hands. Love must not be held prisoner by the hedonistic desires or frightened fists of humans. If we grab at it, we will miss it. (more…)

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The Future, by Nannette Campbell

It’s such an inconsistency, falling in love. The feelings and hopes mixed with the doubts and fears. The future I dream of seems like a fantasy… a fantasy that has roots in our reality. Meeting you has had the power to change everything.I have spent my entire life dreading the passing of time, time wasted and of it all ending. Now, all I wish is that time would speed forward and rush past me like the wind of a storm. This is because when enough time has passed, I can finally be with you. The day will come when I can wake up in your arms. When that time comes, I will be waking up from dreams that have come true.

I know it is too soon to tell you all of these feelings and thoughts I am having, but these feelings are here and I think it is important to write them down and express them in some way. One day, when we are in love, I will let you read this, and you will know how you have made me feel so early in our relationship. (more…)

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To His Ex Wife, by Susan Sosbe

To His Ex Wife,

Your biggest mistake was my greatest gain. I’m glad you were foolish enough to think there was something out there better than him. The grass wasn’t really greener though, was it?

Because of your lies, cheating and deception, he was free of you when I found him. He was completely free of you. He doesn’t hate you, did you know that? He doesn’t care enough to hate you. You are just something that was… past tense, nothing more. You are nothing more than a case of bad judgment. You are also a fool, and I’m glad.

When I found him, it was like finding a piece of me that I had been missing. He is what I have been searching for…and you made it all possible. (more…)

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