To the Man in the Blue Truck,

When I accidentally blew through a red light and you had to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting me, the gesture you gave me out the window and the curse words you threw my way–words that you deemed important enough to roll down your window to make sure I heard you scream at me–caused me to cry.In fact, those actions sent tears streaming down my face from that red light all the way until I reached the next red light, though admittedly, I did manage to stop for that next one.

Sir, you might think that I’m angry with you, or that I’m writing you this letter so that I can complain about the unkindness of humanity or some other rant about what a horrible person you are.

I’m not. (more…)

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The Future, by Nannette Campbell

It’s such an inconsistency, falling in love. The feelings and hopes mixed with the doubts and fears. The future I dream of seems like a fantasy… a fantasy that has roots in our reality. Meeting you has had the power to change everything.I have spent my entire life dreading the passing of time, time wasted and of it all ending. Now, all I wish is that time would speed forward and rush past me like the wind of a storm. This is because when enough time has passed, I can finally be with you. The day will come when I can wake up in your arms. When that time comes, I will be waking up from dreams that have come true.

I know it is too soon to tell you all of these feelings and thoughts I am having, but these feelings are here and I think it is important to write them down and express them in some way. One day, when we are in love, I will let you read this, and you will know how you have made me feel so early in our relationship. (more…)

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The Power of Forgiveness, by Lindsay Maddox

Interestingly enough, this letter was original written and not truly intended to be given to the recipient.As fate would have it, the universe intervened and these two friends were reunited, though it was never quite the same. After the reunion, this letter was shared, in part, with the recipient. After this letter was shared, a second letter was written.

The first letter is available here on the blog. The second part of this letter, the conclusion of the story of this friendship, will only be available in the print collection when it comes out.

We will update with more information about this story before the Unsent Letters Volume One book is released. Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your heart with us all.

Dear Amisa,

A year ago, when there was still a gaping place in my heart where you once lived, I wrote this to you:

Dear Former Best Friend (for reasons I don‘t know),

Yep, I still exist. Try as you might to forget your former life and everyone in it, I’m still here. I still think about you far more often than I’d like. For the record, I’m not crazy psycho or anything. Little things, like last night when I sang karaoke to She’s In Love With the Boy by myself instead of a part of our little duet, make you pop into my mind again. Every time you come crawling back into my thoughts, it rips open the hole in my heart I thought had healed. (more…)

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To His Ex Wife, by Susan Sosbe

To His Ex Wife,

Your biggest mistake was my greatest gain. I’m glad you were foolish enough to think there was something out there better than him. The grass wasn’t really greener though, was it?

Because of your lies, cheating and deception, he was free of you when I found him. He was completely free of you. He doesn’t hate you, did you know that? He doesn’t care enough to hate you. You are just something that was… past tense, nothing more. You are nothing more than a case of bad judgment. You are also a fool, and I’m glad.

When I found him, it was like finding a piece of me that I had been missing. He is what I have been searching for…and you made it all possible. (more…)

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Dear Daddy

I know we haven’t always gotten along well, but I have always loved you and wanted a better relationship with you. When you and Mama divorced, I thought for a short time that maybe we would have that better relationship. You confided in me, shared things with me, and even introduced me to the woman you had been seeing.

Then you married her. We weren’t even invited. You ran off to Vegas and came home and told me about it nearly a month after it happened. Maybe that’s why I did the same. I didn’t tell you about Ryan until I knew my sister had already told you about him.

But then you came home and you and your new wife moved into the home I had grown up in, and you moved her children into that home. When I came to visit, it didn’t even feel like home anymore.

Then you moved an hour away, and the only time we saw each other was on holidays or special occasions. I can’t say I missed you, since I don’t guess I ever really knew you. You were never an active part of my life. (more…)

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