Real Men Kiss Owies, by Lindsay Maddox

To The Man Who Holds My Heart and My Children:

I sit here, at the end of what I am certain is our most difficult parenting day to date, completely in love with the man you have become. When we met those ten and a half years ago, I knew there was something about you, something I wouldn’t be able to find in anyone else. Now, I know that is true. I’m not certain what exactly I did to deserve you, but I will tell you I do not take a single ounce of your love for granted.

My love, you are compassionate.

You don’t hesitate to scoop our babies up into your arms after they fall down and get hurt. You even sympathize with their devastation over a broken toy and tickle their sadness away. In the midst of my own tears, you quickly wrap me in a silent hug and let me bury my head into your chest until my grief has subsided. No matter how big or small the situation, you listen, you understand, and you care.

You are the most unselfish person I have ever met. (more…)

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To His Ex Wife, by Susan Sosbe

To His Ex Wife,

Your biggest mistake was my greatest gain. I’m glad you were foolish enough to think there was something out there better than him. The grass wasn’t really greener though, was it?

Because of your lies, cheating and deception, he was free of you when I found him. He was completely free of you. He doesn’t hate you, did you know that? He doesn’t care enough to hate you. You are just something that was… past tense, nothing more. You are nothing more than a case of bad judgment. You are also a fool, and I’m glad.

When I found him, it was like finding a piece of me that I had been missing. He is what I have been searching for…and you made it all possible. (more…)

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