Dear Aimless Drifter

Dear Aimless Drifter,

You presented a solid image to the world of a hardworking man trying to do right by his children and help others in need. Having an ex-husband who did not care for our children, it was nice to see a father trying to connect with his.

We found common ground in our love of writing and of past relationships. We had a nice friendship. When you were down and out, I offered you a hand up, because I thought you were worthy of such help. I invited you into my home as a roommate. For the first few days, things were wonderful.

On your fourth night, you entered my bedroom without knocking, woke me and asked to cuddle, knowing I was in a long-term relationship. I had made that clear when we first began talking. Your hugs, though never returned, were plentiful, even after I told you I did not like them. You even told me you loved me in front of my boyfriend to get a reaction. (more…)

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Our Friendship is Over; I am Done… Again

My Dear Ex Friend,

The idea of this letter has been in my head for several years. I never wrote it before because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings or put you on the spot about your behavior.

I guess what I need to know is this: What happened? What changed? What’s your problem?

Our friendship, I thought, was lifelong. We became friends in the first grade, and we soon became permanent fixtures in each other’s lives and families. I knew everything about you; you knew everything about me. We became roommates in college and shared our lives–good and bad–with each other. (more…)

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The Power of Forgiveness, by Lindsay Maddox

Interestingly enough, this letter was original written and not truly intended to be given to the recipient.As fate would have it, the universe intervened and these two friends were reunited, though it was never quite the same. After the reunion, this letter was shared, in part, with the recipient. After this letter was shared, a second letter was written.

The first letter is available here on the blog. The second part of this letter, the conclusion of the story of this friendship, will only be available in the print collection when it comes out.

We will update with more information about this story before the Unsent Letters Volume One book is released. Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your heart with us all.

Dear Amisa,

A year ago, when there was still a gaping place in my heart where you once lived, I wrote this to you:

Dear Former Best Friend (for reasons I don‘t know),

Yep, I still exist. Try as you might to forget your former life and everyone in it, I’m still here. I still think about you far more often than I’d like. For the record, I’m not crazy psycho or anything. Little things, like last night when I sang karaoke to She’s In Love With the Boy by myself instead of a part of our little duet, make you pop into my mind again. Every time you come crawling back into my thoughts, it rips open the hole in my heart I thought had healed. (more…)

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