Please Be Happy, at Peace and Full of Joy, Mama, by Karen Curley

Hi Mama,

It’s strange that I’ve never written to you before because I think about you all the time.  When you passed away on that dreadful day over fifteen years ago, I thought I would never get over it.  I never did.

I sat with you as you lie in the hospital bed, gently moving the wisps of hair off your forehead.  I knew what was ahead and I dreaded the moment that you would leave me.   I knew you were ready to meet Jesus, just like you always wanted.

I hope heaven is everything you ever dreamed of.  I hope you are with Daddy and all the family and friends you loved so much in your life.  If ever a person deserved to be in heaven, it is you, Mama.  You sacrificed everything for your five children and your husband.  You gave us everything you had to give even when we didn’t seem to appreciate it.

I loved you so much and the regrets I have for not having shown you are deep within my heart now.  I hope this letter reaches you in some way, maybe just from the thoughts it sends through the universe.  Maybe you can catch a few of my words in your hand and hold them to your heart like you used to hold my hand.

Can you see me now?  Do you look over the grandchildren who have missed the wonderful years you could have given them?  I tell them about you and Dad and about the times we laughed and cried.

I thank God every day for giving me to you.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving mother and friend.  I wish I could be half the mother to my children that you were to me.  You taught me about love, sacrifice, and an enduring spirit.  Thank–you for everything Mama.  Please be happy, at peace, and full of joy through all eternity.  I hope to hug you again someday, if I’m worthy.



Karen Curley is a freelance writer and artist.  She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and Blue Merle Collie, Brodie.  She writes for Associated Content and her own pet and recipe blogs.
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6 Responses to “Please Be Happy, at Peace and Full of Joy, Mama, by Karen Curley”

  1. Linda St.Cyr says:

    Beautiful letter. Your mama is wrapping her arms around you in a hug right now, it is just a little harder to feel.

  2. Angel says:

    Very fitting tribute to your mom.

  3. Cathy Doheny says:

    What a touching letter!

  4. Kim says:

    A wonderful tribute. You know that she is watching over you.

  5. Marilyn Wong says:

    No need for regrets. She knows.

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