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I knew when we started Unsent Letters there would be some great letters submitted, and I had hoped others would blog about the site and the blog and send more readers this way, to share in the human experience.

I never actually expected to see other Unsent Letters on blogs prompted by letters read here though… but that’s what’s starting to happen.

Today, I want to highlight another blog, where the author read a post here, left a comment, and wrote an Unsent Letter on his blog. It’s a shame he didn’t submit it to this blog, because I would have definitely paid him for it.

He posted it as a comment on Susan Sosbe’s Unsent Letters called: To His Ex Wife.

I think it really would have been a better fit to the anonymous letter called: To His Wife, which was a highly controversial letter when it was posted. If you haven’t read and commented on this letter, you might want to read it first, before you read the letter I’m about to link to.

Anyway, I read the letter when the comment was posted, and I actually enjoyed it so much I read it to a few friends of mine too. Now, I’m going to share it with all of you.

It’s called: A Letter to the “Other” Woman From a Married Man

It’s definitely worth reading, for any woman or man, but mostly, it’s something anyone who is, is contemplating, or has ever been the ‘other’ woman should read, from a male perspective. The only thing I can complain about with this is that the author didn’t submit it to me so I could pay him for it and include it in the book!

Enjoy the read… leave a comment on his site or one here, but be nice and let him know you were sent by Unsent Letters!

Love and stuff,

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3 Responses to “Outside Letters”

  1. Kim says:

    These unsent letters are are touching everyone’s emotions. It’s great how they are inspiring others to look inside themselves and find honesty and heartfelt advice to give.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have a friend who is “the other woman,” and has been for a number of years. She didn’t find out until she was expecting a child that her boyfriend was another woman’s husband and by that time, she was in deep.

    My friend is beautiful. She is smart. But when it comes to men, she’s a downright fool.

    Her child is now school aged, her boyfriend is still just that, a part-time love, and most importantly, he is still another woman’s husband. His priorities are clear–wife and first kids and then, maybe, his girlfriend and accidental child. Holidays belong mostly to his wife, as do his paychecks. My friend and her child get tidbits of him, his time, and his money. She struggles financially. She struggles emotionally. And she struggles to explain to her sweet daughter why Daddy is gone a lot. An awful lot.

  3. All great letters…ones that every woman needs to read!

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