Memory of a Bible Reading, by Jennifer Wright (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Mom,

Easter is approaching us so quickly, as it does every year. Since this last Christmas, I have been watching the kids with more scrutiny than I normally do. I am seriously starting to regret that we have not gone to church in the last several years. My children are reaping the negative effects of not having God in their life.

I need to say thank you, Mom, for always taking us to church and for always making sure we knew what the holidays were really about.

I will never forget how each year, you would take us out to the garden, Mary and I would sit there in our pretty Easter dresses that you made us and you would read to us about the resurrection of Jesus.

Each year that we fail to give our children the word of God, that memory is brought closer and closer to the surface. So close that I can smell the daffodils, snap dragons, and Irises. I can hear the birds that sang their very own hymns, rejoicing the day. Sadly, what I feel is regret in not giving that to my own children.

Of course, you never denied us the pleasure of the Easter Bunny and his colorful eggs. I am amazed you were able to show us the meaning of Easter without giving up the things that children love the most about the holiday.

My kids, all they want is to color Easter eggs, eat candy, get a new outfit, and a basket full of junk. I don’t know if going to church and knowing about Jesus would help them to get over all the “I want, I want” about Easter, but at least I would know we did the right thing.

I think all holidays have become so commercialized. It’s sad the way people use a religious holiday to sell millions of dollars worth of junk. But you, you always instilled the miracle of Easter in us.

The saddest part about this is that I always have an excuse not to go to church. We are always too busy or too tired or we haven’t found the right church. The responsibility for recreating these memories for my children is mine. I want them to know God, as I have. Perhaps the memory of those wonderful Easter Sundays is what will lead me and my family back to our Lord.

I have fallen away, not far, but just enough to know that I need to do something about it soon.

Mom, thank you for showing me a path to follow. Even though I stepped off the path, you gave me the map and I still have it. Now, I can find my way, get back on the path, and bring my four precious little ones with me.Love Always,
Your most appreciative, loving, and lost, daughter–Jennifer


Jennifer Wright is a freelance writer who has almost completed her first novel, the first in a trilogy, a vampire thriller. Writing is her passion, and to that end, she is attending college classes, pursuing a degree in English. Having recently gotten out of the Army, Jennifer has more time to focus on her family and her writing career. To learn more about Jennifer, you can visit her Myspace website or read some of her writings here.

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9 Responses to “Memory of a Bible Reading, by Jennifer Wright (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)”

  1. Susan says:

    What a beautiful Easter memory to have, Jennifer. I hope you find your way back to that path soon.

  2. Cathy Doheny says:

    What a nice tribute to your Mom on this special day in your memory.

  3. Linda St.Cyr says:

    This was a great letter to your mom. I can see how much she means to you.

  4. Angel says:

    You don’t have to go to church to be close to God. Read the bible with your children. Even if they don’t want to at first, if you make it a routine, they’ll get used to it. Stop doing as much commercial stuff and teach them why. You can show them the way, and bring yourself closer also. I wish you all the best, Jenn. God loves you and your children!

  5. Gillian says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories Jennifer. I’m with Angel here. Share your faith with them and try to avoid some of the commercialism and I am sure they will grow up with wonderful memories to match those you have.

  6. Cindy says:

    What a beautiful letter to your Mother. You will find the path that is right for your children and they will have wonderful memories too.

  7. Borgieskid says:

    I love this letter Jennifer! To know that you and your family are missing a very important part of life is indeed a step back on the path. I’d call it a giant leap. Do what you need to do for your family, you’ll never regret it.

  8. You wrote this so beautifully, Jenn. I love the visual, made me feel like I was sitting in the garden with you and your sister.

    If this helps you any, I live by this bible verse right now: “He will gently lead those with young.”

  9. LeAnne says:

    Jenn, I had read this before some time ago. Was snooping on your website and found it and read it again. I remember the first time I read it and thought to myself, I need to talk to her and tell her to just jump in! Now, as I talk to you daily I have seen the changes in you and your family. I am proud of how far you have come! You should really read this again because I think you would be presently surprised. I love you girl and I am so proud of all you do!

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