I Never Knew, by Michelle L Devon

Dear Ryan,

In this world, I thought I was smart, learned, educated… I had been through hell, been to heaven, and everywhere in between… so much I had experienced, so much I thought I knew.

And then there was you.

I learned from you that as much as I thought I knew, I had only begun to understand and know the world around me. I never knew the sky could be quite so blue or a sunset so beautiful as when I watched it through your eyes, watching me.

I never knew what family really meant.

I never knew the comfort of complete, unconditional acceptance.

I never knew that friendship didn’t have to take a backseat to passion.

I never knew passion didn’t have to take a backseat to friendship.

I never knew true friendship.

I never knew true passion.

I never knew love.

No, I mean real love.

I never knew freedom. Freedom to be myself.



I never knew I was beautiful.

I never knew I was worthy.

I never knew how humble I was until you were proud of me.

I never knew me.

To think that I could have lived my entire life without you, thinking I knew so much, when all I ever needed was to know you in order to know everything.

You are every romantic cliche ever written and every love song ever sung. Your name is whispered in every line of every piece of poetry I read and write. Where once I only wrote the words, where once I could only sometimes feel them, now I live the words I write, with passion…

…and understanding.

I never knew I was alive until you taught me how to live. I never knew how much I had, until you showed me how to give.

I never knew…

… and then there was you.

And now I know.


Michelle L Devon (Michy) is a writer, editor, poet… she’s also a professional dreamer. In fact, she created Unsent Letters, and decided that since it’s her baby, she can put up a letter of her own today! Enjoy!

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18 Responses to “I Never Knew, by Michelle L Devon”

  1. Windowshopping says:

    This might be my favorite piece that you have ever written! For someone who claims she is not romantic, this sounds like the epitome of romance and love, to me. And every time I see your eyes shine when you say his name, my breath catches in my throat. Real Love. True Love.

  2. Angel says:

    Beautiful letter, Michy. I hope Ryan enjoys it.

  3. Michy, your words so eloquently describe exactly what I feel for my husband.

    “I never knew the sky could be quite so blue or a sunset so beautiful as when I watched it through your eyes, watching me.”

    This touches me to my core.

    Thank you for the reminder of how much I truly have to cherish.

  4. Really nice letter, Michy! You’ve captured love to a “t” here. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  5. Linda St.Cyr says:

    I can safely say… awwwwwwwwwww…..
    great letter.

  6. Gillian says:

    Beautiful. Even got to my cynical old heart.

  7. Randy Inman says:

    Great letter!

  8. Jo Brielyn says:

    Ah…true, unconditional love is something everyone longs for and few ever find.

    Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am to have found a man who accepts me and loves me just the way I am. This is beautiful!

  9. Borgieskid says:

    Wow, what a beautiful letter. You seem to put into words what most of us feel when we finally find “the one”! Great letter Michy.

  10. Kristi Cramer says:

    One word … Beautiful

  11. Cathy Doheny says:

    Great letter! Sounds like Ryan is as lucky to have you, as you are to have him!

  12. Connie Clark says:

    What a beautiful letter Michy! It moved my heart. How great is the feeling of love? You just laid out right here girl!

  13. Susan Sosbe says:

    I feel as though I just witnessed a very private moment…on one level feeling like an intruder, but at the same time thankful for having witnessed the beauty of it.

    I’m glad you decided to send this letter, Michy. Some letters should not be left unsent.

  14. Rissa says:

    So romantic!

    Lucky Ryan for having you and lucky you for having him!

    So happy you found all that you deserve.

  15. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

  16. Andi Caldwell says:

    Beautiful. I can feel the love with every word.

  17. heather shockney says:

    Your letter is beautiful.

  18. Mxszpkrm says:

    magic story very thanks

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