Dear Robert Sean Leonard:

I know you probably don’t think about it too often, how the hundreds of not thousands if not hundreds of thousands of women probably fantasize about you, being with you, dating you, loving you, etc. I assume that one of the things that probably comes with fame is being able to somehow be immune of ignorant of the lust and fanaticism of those who watch you on television, in the movies, or on the stage.

But I wonder sometimes if you truly understand what that means to be wanted and lusted after by so many women.

Anyway, I won’t say that I’m your biggest fan, because that is a bit too book/movie Misery for my comfort, and I’m not certain I’d even say I am a fan, per se. I enjoy watching you on House. I like that character you play, and yet, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about you personally, except that I just found out today that you’re married and have kids.

My point here is, I’m not in lust with Robert Sean Leonard. I’m in lust with Dr. James Wilson. Eh, I get that he’s a fictional character. After all, I’m a writer, but you know, I have fallen in lust with my own characters in my own screenplays and stories, so I guess it’s the writer’s imagination that lets me separate the two of you.

Still, I find the character you play compelling and I must say that you are a big reason he is who he is, and I thank you for that.

When, in 1987 and again in 2003, I was diagnosed with cancer, would that there had been a doctor like you play in the world. Perhaps there are, and maybe, just maybe, that’s where the character of James Wilson comes from. If not, then it’s good to know that you can, indeed, truly act.

But there was no one like Wilson for me. In fact, the doctor in 1987 made me cry. I was young, immature, confused, scared, alone, and when he asked me if I was married and I said no and then told me I had cancer, I was shocked, numbed. But then, when he turned around immediately after that and asked me what a woman my age was doing unmarried and having sex, there was nothing I can even imagine worse that he could have chosen to say in that moment.

So when I watch House, and I see how Wilson is with his patients, I can’t help but say, “I wish I had had a doctor like that.”

Maybe, just maybe, some doctor somewhere will watch the show at some point and see you acting your part and perhaps he or she will learn something from it. If so, then your job as an actor will have touched more lives than you can possibly know.

Of course, I suppose it doesn’t hurt that you have that cute ‘boy next door’ innocent look, but then, the look is all you; between you and Wilson, hey, a little fantasy time never hurt any woman.

So I just wanted to, as silly as it might sound, thank you for playing the part so brilliantly.

A silly fan

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