Dear President Obama, by Laurie L. Darroch-Meekis

Dear President Obama,

The day you became president of the United States, I said a prayer for you. I hope somehow it was passed down so you could hear it. Just in case it did not reach your heart, I enclose it here in my letter to you.

I prayed that you would never forget this country is more than the largess of its magnitude and power. It is made of millions of small points of color, individuals who make up the whole picture. Like a Seurat painting, those points create an amazing vista. Every dot, every point is important for the whole picture to work, to be the masterpiece it is. If you discount one and create with inept and incomplete hands, the whole picture can turn into nothing but a paint-by-number painting.

I prayed that with every decision you made, you would look at your wife and daughters, who you obviously love and respect, and think, “If this were my child, my wife, how would my decision affect them directly? Would it improve or destroy their lives if they were in the situation where they were in need of what I am deciding?” Then to tread with care over the lives of the citizens who look to you for leadership. The smallest pen stroke at your hand can make or break a decent human life, wreak havoc on or repair a family ripped apart, from no fault of their own. What matters most to you in this world are those three human beings. Please remember it is the same for every human being in this country, in regard to their loved ones.

I prayed you would be safe in this job, wherever you go. You have made a step forward for this country, a step that should have been made long ago and which should never have been an issue in any part of this country’s history. I also said a prayer of thanks that finally this mighty nation is growing up a little more and stepping a little further from those dark ages, making those dreams a reality.

I prayed that under your leadership, the men and women who have served this country in battle and in defense will be given the respect they deserve. They should receive this not just a couple of days per year but how they are treated after the battle, that they should not have to fight for things like medical treatment for conditions that were caused while serving their country. They should be able to enjoy the peace and basic rights for which they helped to fight, without yet another battle back at home. They should be entitled to have what belongs to them when they have paid so dearly.

I also prayed you would not enter lightly into any battle because of all the wrong reasons. I prayed that before you send another soul to lay their lives on the line, you would ask yourself, “Would I be willing to do the same for this particular situation and is this worth possibly dying for, or is it merely a statement or a move in a political chess game?”

I prayed you would not get so caught up on the glory and glamorous part of a political and diplomatic social life that you would forget there are many in this country who now can’t even afford a roof over their heads. Many cannot afford a simple piece of fresh fruit from the grocery store, much less a many course meal, prepared by top chefs. They serve only the best of the best foods to only the most elite, a place where reality doesn’t even enter, seen as an ivory castle by many. I prayed that you don’t forget to step out of King Arthur’s court, which is filled with guards, and servants and fantastical gingerbread houses and works of art, and wander out in the real world on occasion, to walk in other people’s shoes.

I prayed that you would understand there is a world beyond the borders of this country. Just because it is not the same as ours does not make it any less viable or important to humanity or to our creator. I prayed that in your dealings with many places that have been home to me and other countries beyond that, you will see not just the leaders of those countries, but the people who make the country what it is, in even the smallest reaches. I prayed you would treat them with the same respect that we, as a nation, would like in return. We are bigger. We are powerful. But ours is not the only way to live with honor and human dignity on this earth. The richness and texture of this earth is its diversity. The common thread is its humanity. Diplomacy is learning how to balance the diversity in a fruitful and healthy way, for all involved.

I prayed that when you take your rest each night you sleep in peace, knowing you have made the right choices for the right reasons, that day and every day.

I prayed that you would still hear the large voice above you and the small voice within you in all your decisions, as more important than those that come from selfish interests and greedy pockets or power-hungry masters. They must be dealt with, but they are not the be all and end all that makes up this beautiful country or world, and they are not the ultimate judges.

Finally I prayed that the optimism you began with becomes more than talk and a dream, but a reality for those of us suffering in this country now, from all walks of life. I prayed for hope to once again rule over this country, to keep it on the right path, strong and free, with a bright future for all.

I hope you heard my prayers.
Respectfully Yours,
Mrs. Laurie L. Darroch-Meekis


Laurie Darroch-Meekis began writing stories, poetry and lyrics the moment she realized the alphabet had the power to create and to move people. She discovered that writing could take her anywhere she wanted to go, even if she had to create the places herself. She is the featured poet in Elements of the Soul, A Short Story Anthology, due to be published in 2009. You can visit her author’s website here:

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14 Responses to “Dear President Obama, by Laurie L. Darroch-Meekis”

  1. Susan Sosbe says:

    This is a beautiful letter, Laurie. I hope he hears your prayers too.

  2. Cindy says:

    Beautiful, Laurie!
    I hope he hears you or someone at the White House sees this and reminds him of what it means to be elected by the people and for the people. I think he knows; I hope he never forgets.

  3. I love how this letter/ prayer is general and yet beautiful at the same time and also that it is not partisan; that it would work for any leader of any country. I also love that it is powerful and also Biblical even if u may not have meant it to be. 1love4all

  4. Angel says:

    I hope he hears too, Laurie. Wonderful thoughts in this letter.

  5. Clarissa says:

    Wow, beautiful letter and well written! I hope he sees this too!

  6. amy b says:

    nice letter. I do hope he makes every decision with his family in mind. He has a tough job no doubt, but he need to look as you say to his family. I am one of those who feel thru the cracks and I do not wish to fall any further.

  7. Jo Brielyn says:

    What a beautiful letter (prayer) and sentiments, Laurie. If only more Americans would spend those precious moments in sincere prayer for our country, its leaders and our fellow Americans…

  8. Linda St.Cyr says:

    Beautiful words and sentiments.

  9. Connie Clark says:

    In refernce to letter to President Obama:
    This letter made my heart cry for joy. I truly believe Mr. Obama is a sensitve and caring man. You can see this when he is around his wife and daughters. I think he is what this country has needed for a long time! I stand in agreement with this unsent letter. I do hope he does get an opportunity to read this. Mr. Obama has a heavy burden and we should respect that.

  10. Theresa Leschmann says:

    You have plucked my heartstrings with your thoughts and your letter is the reverberation.

  11. Rissa says:

    not much left to say but, Amen!

    great job Laurie!

  12. Hobosic says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  13. Brittany Cricket says:

    Beautiful, Laurie-kins, I just love it! Congratulations!

  14. Bobbi Leder says:

    What a great letter!

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