Dear Mom, Marrissa Wilson


You have sacrificed so much for all of us. Me, Melissa, Tommy, dad, Frankie, and everyone else you love. You work so hard and you are always tired and yet, you still do more if you have to. You work your ass off and come home and practically fall over and still you cook and clean. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad you are my mother.

When Tom died, you were a wreck but you knew Melissa and I still needed you so you stayed strong. Even though I don’t have kids, I don’t think I could ever be as strong as you are. Then again, you are my mother and I have learned everything from you. Maybe I can be as strong as you if I ever have to go through it. Let’s hope I will never have to go through what you did though. God tested you and you passed. You still miss Tom, like we all do, but you go on and live your life every day because life has to go on no matter what.

I remember when I was a teenager and I treated you bad because of my drug and alcohol problem. But you never gave up on me. You pushed me to go to school every day even though I fought you. I will never forget the way I treated you and I am so sorry for everything. I love you more than words can say, mom. You are the best mother anyone could ever have.

I hear other people talk about how they wish they still had their moms. I feel so bad for them because I can’t even think about the day I will lose you. If I think about it, I will go crazy. You are immortal to me and I can’t think about losing you, ever. You are so special it hurts me when dad treats you bad. He fights with you and I just want to smack him until he wakes up and realizes how damn special you are. You are a super woman to me and you always will be the best mother in my eyes.

I do get angry with you sometimes because of the lectures you give me but I know it is only because you love me so much. I am the youngest and will always get lectured more because of that. Besides, lecturing Melissa doesn’t do any good since she will just ignore you anyway. I can’t ignore you though. I have respect for you and always will.

Even after you are gone I will always look around to see if you are listening when I curse. I will always be waiting to hear you lecture me on smoking or drinking a few wine coolers.

I don’t know how you go through your life without your mother being there. I just can’t imagine living without you. I call you every night or you call me and we talk for a little bit and then say goodnight and I love you. What am I going to do when I can’t call you anymore and tell you I love you every night? What am I going to do when I can’t come to your house to sit and watch television with you or to talk about our husbands and how much they irritate us? I can’t think about it and I won’t because I don’t want you to go away. I want you to live forever. I want your life to be full and for you to be happy.

Right now you are not a happy woman and I worry about you. Dad doesn’t make you happy anymore and I wish you two would just go your separate ways instead of making each other miserable. I love dad very much but I hate how he treats you. He never thinks he does anything wrong and is always blaming everything on you. I wish I could just take all of your pain and sadness away and you could be happy every day. I also worry because you are sick a lot and it scares me that one day you are going to get so sick that you will be hospitalized.

I love you with all of my heart and soul. No other mom could replace you. When I was little I was afraid I was adopted because I didn’t want you and dad to be my adopted parents, I wanted you to be my birth parents, and you are. I don’t know why I was so afraid of that because even if you were my adoptive mother, it wouldn’t matter. You would still be my mom. Mom’s aren’t always birth moms. A woman becomes a mother when she loves a child whether the child is her own or adopted. If I have to adopt someday, I will remember that. I hope I am as good of a mother as you are someday.

Happy Mother’s Day

From Your Daughter With Love,

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3 Responses to “Dear Mom, Marrissa Wilson”

  1. Your mother is also very lucky to have a daughter who appreciates everything she has done, and continues to do. (((HUGS))) Clarissa.

  2. Angel says:

    I’m glad you still have your mom and that y’alls relationship is so good, Clarissa. I hope she is with you for many years to come.

  3. Cathy Doheny says:

    I liked your last paragraph. Yes, adoptive mothers love in the same way bio mothers do. It is a privilege, not a last resort, to adopt. Thanks for recognizing that!

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