Dear Dad, I Love You – by Amy Jo Browne

Dear Dad,

There are things I wish to say, but I know you are a proud man who wishes to remain quiet about such health issues. Did you know how often I pray for your health? I never say it, because I know you and I see differently on religious views.

I was very afraid for you in April and May. It was very hard to see you lying in the hospital bed in those crisp white sheets. I never realized how sick you were until I saw you. Although, some days you still had the strength to flirt with your nurses. I guess it is true that you cannot keep a good man down.

Over the course of my life, you may not have always been there when I wanted you to be. However, you were always there when I truly needed you to be. I would like to think that now it is my turn to be here for you. You may not like to hear what I say, but you need to hear it just the same.

You and I both know where my medical training lays so I am sure you realize that I along with Diane and Lori realize more than the others do. All seven of us want you around for years to come.

I know you feel you have a curse because men in your family die at 65. You are now 64 and I bet that scares you to pieces, especially since your health is spiraling downward in the past few years. With me being of an alternation religion, I am supposed to believe in curses, not you. I do not feel it is a curse.

Yes, I understand the health issues more than you think I do. Remember when my son Timmy was so ill? I did my research so that I could help him be all he can be. Had I just left that in the hands of others… well, it might not have turned out the way it did. Doing my research, I learned that I was not alone and neither was he. I could not simply allow him to be as he was and I will not allow you to be as you are.

I know that when a devastating illness comes along, you get angry with God and everyone else. I do understand anger with God, as I have been there myself. I do understand anger with other people, as I have also been there myself. While I do understand that aspect, I want you to know it is perfectly normal. It is okay to be angry with others because they are living and doing what they desire, while you struggle with those things. You struggle with life, much as Timmy did so long ago.

You cannot walk more then 20 steps without being winded, and I realize that is awful. Therefore, jump back on that four-wheeler and be mobile once again when you feel like that. Get out and see that world. Go shopping in Wal-Mart in one of those motorized wheelchairs. Heck, I will even race you down the aisles. If we are tossed out on our ears, at least I would have seen you smile once more.

These type of chairs mean independence to those folks who need them. This way, if you choose to take one in Wal-Mart, you can go where you want. You will not have to skip the back sections of the store because it is hard to walk back there. I know the automotive section in the back corner is huge, and you would enjoy it.

Seriously, those motorized wheelchairs are there for those people who need them. There is no shame in them. I have ridden in some of them when I was working in the nursing homes, and they are easy to learn. I was not playing, I was moving the chairs to the outlets, and it is easier to ride in them than push them.

In the nursing home, I also saw people simply give up when the chips were stacked against them. They quit eating, drinking, and getting out of bed. I saw the lights go out of their eyes. They had given up and were waiting to die.

You will not do this.

I’ve seen the light in your eyes flickering, and I will not allow you to give up on your self. It is not your time Dad.

There is no curse! Today, with medical technology, you can live another twenty years or more. Getting an oxygen tank is not a weakness. It simply means you are getting precious air. Truthfully, the air on that tank is cleaner than the air the rest of your family is breathing. Canned air is like standing up top a mountain and breathing that crisp fresh air.

You take your medication, and I am so glad. You need to get in a wheelchair at Wal-Mart or the mall and see the world. You need to get on that four-wheeler and ride. Ride for your life, Dad, because there is still plenty of life out there for you.

Life is not ready to give up on you and neither are we. You have a huge family to take care of and we need you as much as you need us. We are here to give back the help, love, and understanding that you have given us over the years.

I love you dad,
Amy Jo


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Amy Browne discovered her passion for writing as a teenager. The many twists and turns in her life have added more water to her writing wellspring. The same traits that make her a successful single mom- dedication, commitment, and organization shine through in her writing.

Mrs. Browne writes for various online and print publications. She has written over 1000 articles for Associated Content where she is a proud recipient of the top 100 content producers of 2008. Very much a family person, she enjoys writing fiction that speaks to your heart and soul.

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6 Responses to “Dear Dad, I Love You – by Amy Jo Browne”

  1. Your dad is incredibly lucky to have you there for him, pushing him onward, Amy. That speaks volumes to how much he means to you and how thankful you are to have him. This was a very sweet, touching letter!

  2. Linda St.Cyr says:

    Your dad is incredibly lucky to have a daughter like you! I hope you share this letter with him.

  3. Angel says:

    A beautiful letter, Amy. I hope your dad takes your advice and is around for a long time to come.

  4. Clarissa says:

    A beautiful letter that brought tears to my eyes. I wish my dad and I were close like this. Your dad is lucky to have you.

  5. Theresa says:

    Amy, I hope your dad knows how much you love him and gives you the chance to show him again and again.

  6. Kim says:

    I hope your dad gets to read this. He will see how far he has come and how much you respect him and his strength.

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