Dear Believers, Gillian T. (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)

Dear Believers,

I would first like to say thank you for your concern for my spiritual wellbeing. It is a sign of your compassionate and loving natures that you constantly attempt to show me the path and to save my soul. However, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to understand that my soul is in fine shape and not in any particular need of saving. I appreciate your attempts to guide me but I actually have a rather wonderful guide who fulfills all my spiritual needs.

I admit to a degree of confusion at these attempts to save my soul. Perhaps it would be of use to you, aid you to waste less of what is a very precious commodity, your time, if I explain a couple of things that you may not have understood or even known.

1 – My soul cannot be saved from Hell because I do not personally believe in it, unless you count agreeing with the well known phrase that “hell is other people”. I don’t really understand how I can be saved from something I do not consider to exist but again, I thank you for sharing your beliefs with me. Knowledge is always gratefully received.

2 – My soul is also safe from the clutches of the Devil. Like many others who follow a pagan path, I have accepted and come to love the Horned One, better known as Cernunnos, the consort of my goddess. I confess I find it a little sad that he has been vilified and abused by those who sought to turn him into the Devil but it is not so unusual to find an older god recycled and remodeled for the purposes of other religions. Life moves on and ways of believing change as humanity changes. I accept this and simply remain grateful that I have come to know him in my own way. Thank you for reminding me of his presence every time you tell me I am headed for his arms. It is a comfort to me.

3 – Is it possible that we can reach some agreement vis-a-vis acceptance? My belief system is as valid as yours. Isn’t it true that all paths to spiritual enlightenment are valid if the seeker finds solace, belief and enlightenment along that path? Why must you insist that yours is the only true path when I am happy to accept your beliefs and walk alongside you without attempting to ‘save’ you? My beliefs harm none and I am entitled to find the path to spiritual contentment without being constantly told that I am wrong, that I am damned and filled with sin. I may not believe in your spiritual rules but, if you would give me a chance instead of judging by old prejudices, you might be surprised to discover we are more alike than you know. Accept me for what I am and what I believe as I accept you, please.

4 – You might need to refer to point 2 here as I try to explain that pagan and Satanist is not the same thing at all. When you look at it clearly, Satanism is a branch of Christianity because you have to believe in the Christian Devil to be able to worship him. As I previously pointed out, I am a pagan and I do not believe in the generally accepted concept of a cloven-hooved, horn-bedecked Devil who presides over Hell. You are free to believe in this concept as is your right but please can we try to understand that Satanism has nothing to do with my path and I have never been involved in a black mass, sacrificed goats, chickens or stray virgins etc. Whilst I accept that this happens, it is not a path that any pagan I have ever known would walk.

5 – On a sideways note from point 4, can we also dispense with the concept that all pagans dance around maypoles and then go off for wild orgies in the forest, dance naked (skyclad if you want to use the accepted terminology) around cauldrons on Halloween (and at any and all other opportunities), attempt to fly through the air on broomsticks and are all either witches or warlocks. Just because I am a pagan it doesn’t necessarily follow that I am also a witch and a black one at that. Black magic is dangerous and most pagans would not deal in it. We have a very sensible little reminder called the rule of three – Whatever action you take will return to you threefold. Not all pagans are black witches or even white ones! I also don’t burst into flames or turn into a pillar of salt if I enter a church or walk on sanctified ground. I happen to love churches because all sacred spaces have a beautiful vibration and please the soul. Stereotypes like this are archaic, outdated and need to be forgotten so that we can come to understand each other better.

6 – Our festivals are as valid as yours and we would love for you to share in them just as many of us share your festivals such as Christmas (our Yule) and Easter (between our Ostara and Beltane). Just because I prefer to go into a field or  a wood or simply into my garden and give thanks for the rising sap, the longer days and brighter skies, the end of the hard months, does not make my celebration any less acceptable than a congregation giving thanks and praise in a church. Each to their own is an oft used phrase but rarely is it said without a knowing wink or tilt of the lips. Each to their own is a philosophy I believe in and I hope that there will come a day when we can all say the same and mean it from the heart.

So, again I thank you for your concern but if you really want to help me I would rather you took the time to understand me and my beliefs in the hope that we can stand together and eventually reach a better place for all of us.

Blessed be


Gillian writes fantasy fiction, usually short stories but she is delving into novel territory with two fantasy epics and a semi-autobiographical story. Drawn to the dark and the stranger side of life, she is usually to be found at her pc with a vacant expression on her face as her fingers transfer the landscapes of her mind onto the screen.

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3 Responses to “Dear Believers, Gillian T. (Unsent Letters Religion Theme)”

  1. Cathy Doheny says:

    This is an extremely well-written letter, Gillian! I could not agree more with the need for religious acceptance in our society. So many people believe that their way is the only way. The hallmark of a truly enlightened person is the ability to learn about other belief systems and to not feel threatened or a need to change the other person. You captured this perfectly here, Gillian! You are truly enlightened! (And a fabulous writer too!) Thank you for sharing your insight through this much needed letter!

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you for this letter. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said here. Wonderful words and perfectly written, Gillian.

  3. I can’t STAND when people try to “save” another person’s soul by telling them they are following the wrong spiritual path. AAARGH!

    Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

    Thank you for this letter. Like Susan and Cathy have already said, it was extremely well written and insightful.

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