Dear Aimless Drifter

Dear Aimless Drifter,

You presented a solid image to the world of a hardworking man trying to do right by his children and help others in need. Having an ex-husband who did not care for our children, it was nice to see a father trying to connect with his.

We found common ground in our love of writing and of past relationships. We had a nice friendship. When you were down and out, I offered you a hand up, because I thought you were worthy of such help. I invited you into my home as a roommate. For the first few days, things were wonderful.

On your fourth night, you entered my bedroom without knocking, woke me and asked to cuddle, knowing I was in a long-term relationship. I had made that clear when we first began talking. Your hugs, though never returned, were plentiful, even after I told you I did not like them. You even told me you loved me in front of my boyfriend to get a reaction.

You grabbed my ass in the local store where my boyfriend works, as well as the grocery store, and you did not care who saw. I quit going any place with you after the third night in public you grabbed my ass.

My sister came to visit one day and you hit on her so much she did not return while you lived in my house. Neither did my best friend you also treated like that. In fact, you hit on every woman you saw in my hometown between the ages of sixteen and fifty and called it, “Turning on the southern charm. You even had the audacity to come on to my daughter, knowing she was engaged to be married.

We helped you find a job; actually, you had two for the month you lived here: One at a fast food place where you were let go on the second day because you told the manger he was doing his job wrong and were overheard telling ‘adult jokes’ to the teenage boys who worked there. This was the ‘on the books job’ to pay your child support, and you tossed it away.

The second job was a taxi driver, and you got this job because of my good word. I vouched for you because you needed a job. You made it for two weeks at this job.

You went to a local nursing home for a job in dietary with my daughter, and the boss threatened you with a sexual harassment lawsuit if you ever returned to her office. Apparently, you think flirting with the women is how you secure jobs.

You went into the local burger joint in the midst of breakfast rush and requested a hamburger on your croissant rather than sausage because the sign outside said, “Have it Your Way!” A quick call to the 800 number and you said you felt vindicated.

You called the fast sandwich place after getting home with the sandwiches you had purchased and told the manager to complain about the girl at the window who did not put your drink top on correctly and it spilled all over the seat. After spending five minutes on the phone telling that manger how to do his job, you unwrapped your sandwich, which at that point had gone cold. Again, you called the manger to complain about your cold sandwich. He told you to bring it in to exchange it for a fresh one. When you return to my house, you are laughing because the girl at the window walked off her job because you went to talk to the manager.

A quick trip into the local convenience store ended with you asking all three females for their phone number. You complained to the manger that your sandwich was not prepared properly. In fact, you continued to bring it up on other visits until you were barred from the local convenience store. Then you wrote an open commentary on the internet describing your treatment at the convenience store and told the owner in an open letter to the world how bad his stores were.

See here in Small Town America conmen like you cannot hide. Word spreads quickly. You could not even walk into any place in town to get something to eat. Your welcome with everyone quickly wore out. I know just about every thing you did here and I am so embarrassed to have even befriended you.

I do not know where the wind has blown you, but I am so glad you are gone. Perhaps one day you will look in the mirror and realize you are nothing more than an aimless drifter.

Not your friend, thank the Good Lord

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12 Responses to “Dear Aimless Drifter”

  1. Dreamweaverr says:

    Friends like that, no one needs. Wow.

  2. John says:

    These are incredibly powerful. Thank you.

  3. Ew. Glad he’s out of your hair, and town.

  4. Borgieskid says:

    Sounds like a guy in love with himself and just has to figure out that the rest of the world disagrees! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  5. Gillian says:

    I also admire you for your kindness in offering him friendship. It is no reflection on you that he misused your kindness and I hope the bad experience with him won’t prevent you offering that same friendship to someone in the future, someone who genuinely needs it.

    People like him don’t think of that when they do what they do. I hope he finds what he’s looking for one day and perhaps has the courage to find a way to apologise to you or at least pay it forward.

  6. Cindy says:

    I’m so glad you freed yourself fgrom that burden. Good for you!

  7. Susan Sosbe says:

    What a putz. Don’t be embarrassed. The only reason you were fooled by him is because your own heart is so good. I’m sure he has a lot of people fooled.

  8. Jo Brielyn says:

    Unfortunately, there seems to be an abundance of people out there who are much like your (non) friend. they feel everyone else loves them as much as they love themselves, even when they don’t do anything to merit that affection.

    I’m happy you’re rid of him and his idiotic ways.

  9. Andi Caldwell says:

    What a narcissist! Glad he’s gone.

  10. Angel says:

    Doesn’t sound like a good situation for any involved.

  11. jckat says:

    All I can say is Wow, so much for Pay it Forward.

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