Unsent Letters has opened our blog to people who have things on their mind they want to say, don’t care about getting paid, and want to remain 100% anonymous. We call this section Unsent Confession Letters, where you can share a letter to anyone about anything and you can submit it to us completely anonymously. Using Submismash to upload your Confession, we will never know who you are. Make up a name for the account, and upload your Confession.

We require it be in letter format, addressed to someone or something, and if it is approved, we will post it on the blog for all to read. You will know you wrote it, but no one else will,and you’ll be able to see the comments to the post without anyone knowing who you are and tainting their responses or holding their punches because they know you. Get to know what people really think, bare your soul, and purge your guilt, angry, sadness, rage, frustration or any other emotion you need to release. Maybe it’s something you’re afraid someone else will know, or something you don’t want the editors at Unsent Letters to know you sent, but you feel the need to get it off your chest or to share it with others who might be helped or touched by it.

There is no payment for these letters, because it makes it impossible for you to stay anonymous.

CLICK HERE and select Unsent Confessions to send your Unsent Confession today.


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