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Landlord from Hell, by Lucinda Gunnin

Dear Landlord:We have had such a good relationship during the six years we’ve rented from you that it came as a big shock how bad things have been since I told you we were ending our lease early. As I explained at the time, the decision had nothing to do with you or the house. We were offered a great opportunity elsewhere. We also knew it was a great opportunity for you. There were major repairs you had been wanting to make on the house, repairs that were necessary enough you were going to put us up in a hotel for three days so you could repair the kitchen ceiling that was falling down.

You asked me to let you know when we were no longer cooking or sleeping there so you could begin repairs and I happily agreed. Then, somehow, the good relationship seemed to fall apart, and I have had nothing but misery for the last two weeks. I told you we would probably be done with the upstairs by Sunday and that we weren’t living there anymore, so you told the handyman to go ahead with the ceiling. (more…)

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