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Letter to Humanity

Dear Human Beings of the Earth:

I personally think the universe is a living, breathing entity. It expands and collapses (breathing) and it grows and changes. We are but parasites of to the host which is the universe, and much like our own bodies have parasites that we are host to, sometimes these parasites are good and sometimes they are bad.

Sometimes the parasites are the very thing that keeps our bodies alive. Other times we take meds to wipe some parasites out completely.

Is the universe as a whole really that different to us? (more…)

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Changes, Differences, Love & Patience

Dear Everyone Moving Into the New Year,

Life has been interesting for the last 20 some-odd years of so, and I expect it will be interesting for the next 20 and hopefully the next 20 after that and after that, and so on. Interesting isn’t bad. It’s just interesting.

This past year, as I’m sure it has for many, has been full of changes. When the president said ‘change’, who knew he was speaking so personally to me? I guess life really is all about changes, but some days, I’d like for things to stay the same from one day to the next, without the whirlwind swirls in the night. Wake up and life is radically altered. What was so wrong with yesterday that it had to become today, and why does today always seem to want to work into tomorrow? (more…)

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