A Mother's Day Letter to My Son, By Suzanne Alicie

Dear Alex,

I remember the first Mother’s Day after you were born. I was so proud to be able to stand up in church and be given a corsage. I felt like I had joined the world of real women; I was a Mom.

Now keep in mind that at that time you were about 6 months old and it had been a really rough 6 months. You were one of those babies who got your days and nights mixed up, so the two of us, a scared girl and a crying baby spent many nights together in a rocking chair over those months. During that time I began talking to you.

Other women keep journals. I talked to my baby. I told you all my hopes and dreams and all of the things I wanted out of life. Then I started telling you all the things that a man needs to know and learn from his mother. Of course you don’t remember all of those conversations and considering the lack of sleep they were probably incomprehensible anyway.  You had finally started sleeping at night right before Mother’s Day. So it was a triumphant day for me. I had met the challenges that being a young new mother had thrown at me and we had both survived.

So now you are 15 years old and I am still so proud to be your Mom. You have grown into such a handsome young man, but that is just on the outside. You are a talented musician, but that is just something you do.  You are fun and funny with a great sense of humor, but that is just your personality. What counts is what is on the inside. You are kind hearted and gentle. You choose the homeliest looking animals as the ones you love the most, and you donate your time to help those who are less fortunate. You set goals and strive for them with a single-minded intensity. I have no doubts you will achieve whatever you decide to achieve in your life.

I am shocked and amazed that a scared and confused girl like me could raise a son as wonderful as you. I hope that the lessons that I have taught you will stay with you through your life and you will always keep that sweet smile and easy laugh. And remember always that your Mommy loves you very much and while I was teaching you, I was learning myself. Being your mother has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and the thrill of crying tears of joy.

This Mother’s Day, I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys but no Mothers Day will ever compare to my first one.



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6 Responses to “A Mother's Day Letter to My Son, By Suzanne Alicie”

  1. Linda St.Cyr says:

    Beautiful letter to your son. He sounds like an awesome human being.

  2. What a touching letter. I think we are all scared and doubt our mothering abilities, especially with the first. It’s wonderful to hear that even through that, it is still possible to raise a wonderful, sympathetic, and selfless child. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Angel says:

    Very beautiful letter.

  4. Cathy Doheny says:

    How lucky you both are to have one another! Motherhood is truly a miracle. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Kim says:

    Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes and you should be very proud.

  6. Tammy Waters says:

    I’m sorry I missed this and didn’t read it sooner – this was beautiful!

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