Dear President Obama, by Laurie L. Darroch-Meekis

Dear President Obama,

The day you became president of the United States, I said a prayer for you. I hope somehow it was passed down so you could hear it. Just in case it did not reach your heart, I enclose it here in my letter to you.

I prayed that you would never forget this country is more than the largess of its magnitude and power. It is made of millions of small points of color, individuals who make up the whole picture. Like a Seurat painting, those points create an amazing vista. Every dot, every point is important for the whole picture to work, to be the masterpiece it is. If you discount one and create with inept and incomplete hands, the whole picture can turn into nothing but a paint-by-number painting. (more…)

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Truth Hurts, by Jennifer Wright

What the Hell, Wendy!

You always said we could tell each other anything. Then, when I do tell you how I feel, you stop talking to me. Well, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I wanted to say to you.

First, being involved in all this drama makes me sick. Our husbands are brothers, connected by blood. Just like their mother, and their sisters, and everyone else in the family that you two never talk to anymore.

Am I just another one of them, another person in the family you don’t want to deal with? (more…)

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Retribution, by Karla Reese


When you left, I wanted to be angry. I couldn’t find it in me, but I wanted to be angry. Sometimes, in anger, you find strength and I desperately needed strength. But I couldn’t get angry. The only thing I felt was sadness. Overwhelming sadness.

You left me for someone else. You lied about it, but I knew the truth. I had always known the truth, all along, but knowing and wanting to see or act on the truth are different things. I was miserable, but somehow, I was comfortable in my misery. It was familiar. It was… safe?

As I knew would happen, you left… and that’s when I wanted to be angry. Eventually, a few months later, the anger did hit me, and the more I became angry, the more I learned about the truth of your deception… oh, how many months I played a fool. (more…)

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Dear Aimless Drifter

Dear Aimless Drifter,

You presented a solid image to the world of a hardworking man trying to do right by his children and help others in need. Having an ex-husband who did not care for our children, it was nice to see a father trying to connect with his.

We found common ground in our love of writing and of past relationships. We had a nice friendship. When you were down and out, I offered you a hand up, because I thought you were worthy of such help. I invited you into my home as a roommate. For the first few days, things were wonderful.

On your fourth night, you entered my bedroom without knocking, woke me and asked to cuddle, knowing I was in a long-term relationship. I had made that clear when we first began talking. Your hugs, though never returned, were plentiful, even after I told you I did not like them. You even told me you loved me in front of my boyfriend to get a reaction. (more…)

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Landlord from Hell, by Lucinda Gunnin

Dear Landlord:We have had such a good relationship during the six years we’ve rented from you that it came as a big shock how bad things have been since I told you we were ending our lease early. As I explained at the time, the decision had nothing to do with you or the house. We were offered a great opportunity elsewhere. We also knew it was a great opportunity for you. There were major repairs you had been wanting to make on the house, repairs that were necessary enough you were going to put us up in a hotel for three days so you could repair the kitchen ceiling that was falling down.

You asked me to let you know when we were no longer cooking or sleeping there so you could begin repairs and I happily agreed. Then, somehow, the good relationship seemed to fall apart, and I have had nothing but misery for the last two weeks. I told you we would probably be done with the upstairs by Sunday and that we weren’t living there anymore, so you told the handyman to go ahead with the ceiling. (more…)

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