Here I am again, awakening at the dawn of reflection. All I feel is love for you. All I see when I open my eyes is you.

Within my love for you lives sadness, for the pain we are sure to impart on one another is great, and very powerful. Powerfully painful… and powerfully fertile ground for seeds waiting to grow from our dirt.

The essence of all great love stories’ beauty lies in the truth and tragedy of the human condition.

Tragic is the lovers’ undying determinism to hold on tightly to a force much bigger, and more fluid, than what any human can grip in their hands. Love must not be held prisoner by the hedonistic desires or frightened fists of humans. If we grab at it, we will miss it.

There is so much I want to set free in you. It is a matter of harnessing and using the radiance that is capable of mystifying my own chains and leading them to soften.

I don’t want to apologize again. But here I am immortalizing the sentiment.

My feelings for you are never easy to describe… in letters or words or sentences. Because these things impose the filter of logic upon the purity of emotion. But look, here I am, writing my dissertation on the meaning or meaninglessness of true love.

Tonight, may we both stop thinking. Let us both be still. In comfort. Please receive the heat coming off my skin and through your hand… forget the pain of this lonely winter day we’ve spent frozen in the mind’s misunderstanding of the heart.


Liz is a freelance writer and photographer who lives, loves, laughs and plays in Hawaii half the year and Colorado the other half. To learn more about Liz, visit her blog at:

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7 Responses to “"1.11.04"”

  1. Angel says:

    Very emotional and touching. You certainly have a way with words!

  2. Jo Brielyn says:

    What a beautifully written letter. You have an incredibly ability to draw the reader into your world and what you’re feeling.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heather Grenier says:


  4. JP Danna says:

    She ever so gently danced with high emotion and touched a part of only those who know.

  5. Cathy Doheny says:

    Well written, unsentimental love letter! Thanks for sharing your words and talent!

  6. Borgieskid says:

    What a letter! Thank you, it was wonderful.

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